Why Did You Marry Me?

When I asked you: “Why DID you marry me?” You said, over and over: “because you’re trainable.”  Because I am trainable. Like a pet monkey, circus seal, or dog, I am trainable. I am not even a human in your eyes, just a pet to serve you. You said “I had to marry you quick before you figured it out.” I was so naive, shame on you!!!!! A grown man, carefully seeking, calculating, plotting to demise of a trusting soul. Then YOU are the animal, pouncing and devouring your prey. That is a sign of deep routed insecurity and narcissistic behavior, all about you and ONLY you. Do you realize how you made me cry, night after night, in the car alone, in the shower? Do you even care? Do you know that God stood there right with me, He was crying as well at the pain you inflicted on His Daughter. That is who I am, you promised to take care of me and cherish me, God expected you to obey Him and keep your word to Him; and you broke your vow to God. You intentionally chose to hurt His Daughter.


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