Strength & dignity, Session 4 Vision Statement and Life List

My vision Statement

I study God’s Word and seek His Will over my life. I have developed a strong concept of how I live my life based on this. I have set firm boundaries to protect myself from others trampling my life; these protect me from being tempted to be swayed out of living God’s Will over my life. I do not say or agree to things outside these boundaries, my comfort zone. I mean what I say and say what I mean. I live in a way that honors God and that respects myself. I seek answers to the best way to go if the situation arises that I am unsure of how to react. I stay vigilant to be aware of my limitations and needs and balance my life. I balance competing situations to keep self-respect and honor God as my top priorities. I easily ask for help when necessary. If I get a negative response I am OK with that and move on, someone else will help. I won’t judge, I am not responsible for, nor do I feel guilt for other’s thoughts and lives. When I ask for advice I seek to be sure the advice given is right for me and how God wants me to interpret all input into my life. I weigh all advice, evaluating that I OK with the advice, does it lead to my inner peace, does it line up with God’s Word. I stay vigilant to the struggles in my life and pursue growth in those areas, I am gentle with myself, I understand I need to grow and God continually works on me, shaping me and pruning me to become who He wants me to be. I am a Princess of God, a Daughter of the Most High, He and I are most intimate, God knows me and lovingly created every part of me, touching and shaping every atom and cell, there is NO love that equals the Agape Absolute Love My Saviour has for me and I have for Him. I live my life remembering this. God has a mighty big plan for me and I am on my path to fulfill His Will over me. I do not allow anything to interfere with my special relationship with MY Father, MY Creator, My All. Nor do I allow anything to interfere with my special relationship with ME and MY self-respect. I do not let anything interfere with MY path to greatness God has set me on.
1. Go to Heaven and spend Eternity with God!!!!!
2. Know myself, Love myself, be confident, have strong boundaries, be loved and accepted for who I am
3. Finish my Ministry Studies, be a famous speaker/educator teaching women God’s Word on their lives. Huge ministry reaching Globally to all women who need to hear of God and how leaning on God will change them and their families and their lives.
4. Own property 5+ acres, a ranch, near water or lake or river, train not too far off so I can hear the whistle, 50×50 plus Wood log cabin with metal roof with sleep loft for my grandsons and tiny porch off it, ceiling beams, open floor plan with large kitchen and comfortable living room, fireplace with large stone and a wood burning stove, deer head with antlers over, back up generator, wrap around 10-12’ wide veranda with screened in area off back towards scenic area and porch swing, and wide enough for table and rockers, barn for my equipment/RV/tractor-mower-mulcher-snowplow/double cab 6’ bed pick up/…, large garden, berry patches (raspberries, blueberries, black berries, gooseberries, grapes). Fruit and nut trees all around (apple, pawpaw, cherry, peach, pear, walnut, almond…) chicken coop for my 5 chickens, garden shed, barn for hey and supplies, compost area, wood shed. Summer outdoor kitchen, 10’ firepit with logs to sit on surrounding, A well, electricity, gas or propane, solar panels, windmill, self sufficient energy efficient, first floor bedroom, bathroom, large pantry, laundry room. Horse possible. Vane on roof. Visitor cabin. Smoke house. Remember my dream of the Valley!!!!!!
5. Travel: see Egyptian pyramid, Hawaii volcano, Jerusalem, Stone Henge, Easter Island, Galapagos Island, Ireland, Rome, Scotland
6. Be rich
7. Be philanthropist
8. Learn to play a musical instrument
9. Learn a foreign language
10. Perfect God Ordained Mighty Man of God husband. Equally yoked, All God Desires For Me and him. Our families fit well and get along in all ways, he is handsome, educated, intelligent, good background, no addictions now or ever, common sense, handles money well but not controlling with it, no women friends or issues, no mommy or daddy issues, faithful in all ways to me and God, strong, leader, supportive, not abusive in ANY way, confident, seeks or chases me, desires me as God calls for, loves and adores me, Prays at ALL times, wants to pray as a couple and as a family, is willing to have a Ministry – or has one, is supportive of my ministry, lives the Bible, total Biblical husband, equal partner with me yet leads and lets me submit as God ordains, understands Biblical submission and does not abuse it. We live a Tri-Cord marriage with God at our center, have a BIG wedding, loves learning as much as I do and sharing our learning with each other, NO secrets, not narcissistic, listens to me, respects me, respects himself, wise, discerning, lives with the now with hope to our future, loves travel, is not critical or defensive, is generous. Is ALL GOD DESIRES FOR ME.


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