Unanswered Prayers and Mountains Unmoveable -BB

I have such a grace filled blessed life, even here in the fire. God fills me with His love and despite the pain – I know My Father loves me. My Daddy is refining me and purifying me. He strengthens my faith. He grants me wisdom and discernment and the gifts of The Holy Spirit – which are better than the flowers, cards, and little notes I had so desired. Thank You God for the losses in my life – so that in my agony I saw Your face and felt Your arms wrap tightly around me. In my loneliness – You gathered me in Your arms and You cried WITH me. How can I thank You enough for the pain and for unanswered prayers and mountains unmovable? I love you beyond all love, You are my Sweet Breath of fresh air in this stale world of sin, I need You like I need the air. Your burdens are light and easy to carry, I rejoice You chose me to carry them. Abba, walk with me always and let me remember the joyful reasons I carry this load. Oh how I love you, My Daddy, My Lover, My All! Thank You for my life; My God! Amen and Amen


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