Strength And Dignity Course Session 6: Boundary Opportunities :BB

Boundary Opportunities:

  1.  I don’t know how to be me, I am used to being passively blindly obedient and serving others.
  2.  People impose on my life and time thinking I have nothing better to do, I have no Bible or me time
  3.  I am missing being controlled, as horrible as it was, I felt I knew what to do as long as he was not angry at me.


  1. I am starting intense counseling for the PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome I have suffered as a result of my wrong decision of jumping into a very wrong and abusive relationship – which I did 6 years ago – after ending a 30 year marriage to another wrong choice which I jumped into at age 17 – after a very abusive childhood. At age 56 I am happily single for my first time and becoming Christian and beginning a loving relationship with My Lord and Savior!!!!!!! And with myself
  2. I moved to a new town and have a new job and making new friends. I miss my grown kids and grandsons, but they are only an hour away. I feel safe here, I live in a Women’s Rescue House and am protected. I have the opportunity to build Boundaries and since noone here knows me, I can start afresh with these boundaries. Recreate myself, to be the real me I never got to know. No interest in any relationships! Being abused again scares me away from all men.
  3.  I am in college for Ministry, I started a year ago, but was constantly being told negative things about this and having my study time imposed upon and taken from me. Now noone can impose upon my time and noone tells me I should not study God’s Word or makes me feel dumb or unworthy of entering Ministry.


  1. I already see the impact on my family. I am allowed to see my children now, and see my grandsons – who I missed out on seeing as they were babies. I am not prevented from seeing my parents and siblings now. They are still a bit distant, but we are getting close, they feel more secure of our relationship as time passes and they see I am not going back to the old life of being controlled wrongly. Their trust in me will build over time and we continue to grow closer. My grandsons are just so sweet. I cannot believe I allowed anyone to prevent me from seeing my family.
  2. I am beginning to love myself more, and am setting up boundaries to (hopefully) never be wrongly subjugated again. IF I marry again, I still desire to be a submissive wife, BUT to a Godly husband who understands his role, and is a VERY Godly servant to Our Lord!
  3. In my studies of the Bible and school courses I am learning how deeply God loves me. I am learning how much women need other Godly healthy women to help them see God’s path for them. I read your sites for three years and am learning.

Options God Is Leading Me To Take

  • Ministry – serving women!!!!!!! I feel God is leading me to help young women who come from abusive homes and have sinned and think they are beyond God’s love and redemption. I feel God is leading me to help older women who are lost and hurt by life and their choices and think they are beyond God’s love and redemption. All women deserve to be joyful, just do not know how. Do not know they are worthy.

Confirmation (taken from today’s Proverb Devotional) Which Is PROVERBS 19

  • The one who gets wisdom loves life
  • false witnesses will not go unpunished
  • whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and will be rewarded
  • a persons wisdom yields patience
  • The fear of the Lord lends to life, then one rests content, untouched by trouble
  • a prudent wife is from the Lord
  • Many are plans of a persons heart, but in the end it us the Lord’s purpose that prevails
  • Listen to advice and accept discipline and in the end you will be considered among the wise
  • Stop listening to instruction, my child, and you will stray from the words of knowledge

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