My Gratitude List: Thank You God for… -BB

Thank You God for butterflies, hummingbirds, lady bugs, rainbows, elephants, dinosaurs, mushrooms, snails, and horses 🙂 For lilacs, hyacinths, sunflowers, roses, crocuses, snowdrops, dandelion blows. For corn field mazes and tall wheat fields. For rivers and fishing poles. For wood fences to walk on. For wood burning stoves and log cabins. Thank You God for covered bridges and caves and tunnels. For igloos and snowmen and snow angels and snowball fights. For curly hair and braids. For tree forts, tree houses and swing sets and rope tire swings. For antiques and genealogy. For books and imaginations, art and photography, for poems. For the song Amazing Grace. Thank You God for tears and laughter, pain and joy, for feelings and emotions. Thank You God for wisdom. Thank You for my grandparents, parents, siblings, husbands, and for My Children, My Grandchildren, friends, pets, pine cones, crafts, and plastic Christmas trees. Thank You for snow days, rainy gray days, warm sunny days and the wind. Fresh mowed hay, watermelon seeds to spit, corn shucking, grain stalks, and sea shells. Thank You God for all the different types of rocks and sand and clouds. Thank You for Gena’s “Ketchup,” Yvonne’s quick humor, Ben’s deep sensitive heart. All their creativity, brains, and huge hearts. Thank You for soil to dig my hands into, for worms, for seeds, for gardening, for chickens and barns and silos. Thank You God for Redwood and Sequoia and Bonsai trees, for whales and elephant seals, for blue ice bergs and Joshua Trees, Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, Meteor Craters, the Petrified Forest, and the face on the moon. Thank You for the Pyramids, Stone Hedge, Easter Island, Aztec and Mayan Ruins, and the Sphinx. Thank You God for Israel and Jerusalem and the Alps. Thank You God for countless stars that challenge our imaginations, for shooting stars and ocean waves, for mirages and sand dunes. For starfish and conches, Hermit crabs are fun to watch too. Thank You God that my children share my total amazement at life and my creative imagination and problem solving ways. Lord, Thank You most for My Most Precious Children!!! Each more special than any other ever EVAR born. If I were to make or create them, I could not have done a more perfect job. My Genevieve. My Benjamin. My Yvonne. My Masterpieces. Thank You God!!! You are PERFECT, giving me only the best. Now You give to My Most Precious – their own Most Precious Perfect Children – My Grandchildren. Thank You God!!!!


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