The Respect Dare, Lesson 2 -BB

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10 NIV

Introspection: Childhood.

Pray and ask for wisdom in understanding a key experience that has impacted the way you currently walk through marriage. After praying, wait for an incident to come to mind and work with it to answer the questions.

1. In one sentence, respond to the following questions about the incident that came to mind: Who was there? When was this incident? Where were you?

  • We all were there, I was first grade, I was sitting on the floor. Conklin house.

2. What happened? IF this is something that happened many times, pick one of those times an describe it as best as you can, as if you were reliving the moment in time.

  • My parents were sitting on their bed, we were on the floor at the foot of the bed, mom was crying and dad was holding her credit cards and scissors. He cut them up and was telling us how she overspends and they are in debt. He was saying really mean things to her. I do not remember it all, it was confusing. I am sure he beat her, he usually hit her a lot.

3. What was revealed to you about how you interact in marriage as a result of this incident?

  • I obey my husband and I do not spend money, my husband can say what he wants and I can cry, but if I say more I will get hit

4. What possible interpretations exist of that one event? Feelings I now have, ways I now act…

  • I am afraid to spend money on myself. I am afraid to say how I feel. I have no say in money matters.

5. Write out a prayer of release from any unhealthy habits of thinking you’ve developed as a result of that incident.

  • Dear Lord, I have been shown the wrong ways, ways you do not approve of. I am good with money, and should spend some on myself instead of everyone else. Show me I have a say in decisions that are made. Show me not to fear my husband, he will not hit me and if he demeans me, it is his sin, not mine. Take this burden from me Lord and replace it with healthy emotions. Show me I am the queen you made me to be. Show me I count and I am so very precious. Amen.



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