The Respect Dare, Lesson 1


What small tangible things in my marriage will show that progress is being made?

  • My husband shares more with me, intimacies of his life and family – current stuff,
  • he stops texting these women and
  • tells me who is texting him so I can build trust
  • comes to me with the truth of his actions.
  • he has desire for me
  • he wants to get legally married
  • he talks more of our relationship
  • he touches me and puts his arm around me
  • he wants to kiss me
  • he apologizes for being so distant
  • he tells me he loves me (not love ya)
  • flowers and notes
  • he hugs me
  • he stops people from bad-mouthing me
  • tells his sister the truth that I never cheated on him
  • includes me in things
  • he stops making me feel insignificant and small
  • he tells me when I do right things, instead of always wrong only
  • he tells me I am beautiful, the most beautiful around (not just Erie St)
  • I stop feeling that gut quiver that something is wrong
  • I feel secure
  • I feel loved
  • I feel pretty and desirable

Expectations for MY progress

  • I can go off and leave my husband alone without feeling like I missed out or he is off with someone else or he wanted to spend time with me
  • I learn to lean on God, feel what I am supposed to feel, He as my #1 Love, trust Him with all. Give it all over
  • feel secure with myself and my boundaries

Expectations of my Husband that I release

  • that he is responsible for my happiness
  • that he is perfect and knows all
  • that he reads my mind and knows what my needs are

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