Paranoia or Reality -BB

Either something is going on or illness and Satan have got a tight grip on my emotions and heart. This girl that used is a friend of my husband’s has been texting him nearly daily. He responds and after one more text all is quiet. I can’t read any of these, he values his privacy and insists I should trust him. The problem is they used to date and he broke up with her 3 years before we met. She makes it very clear she is obsessed with him, he states she is “psycho” but is a friend. He is good friends with her family and mom. This woman is nuts, I agree with my husband, but I feel I am just about there as well. I read a text where she told him to lie where he was to meet up with her. His response was “she knows that wouldn’t be true.” My husband was hurt and furious that I snooped into his texts and began leaving them up for me to read. Problem is that I suspect he began deleting her texts. Or I am letting Satan rule. Last week I took his car to go somewhere and she was sitting in her car next to his car when I came outside. She quickly drove off when she saw me. My husband was so nonchalant about it, “that’s just her, stop letting her bother you. You think about her more than I ever did.” I feel like a paranoid detective, checking and searching for clues. Thing is my husband is where he should be, where he says he will be when he says. Drive time and everything is accounted for. It is the texts that bother me. What is she saying? Or maybe it isn’t her, but I have noticed texts missing and assume it is her. Suddenly she stopped texting? It is a stupid 4am ritual of sneaking to check his phone. I am so tired of all this.

I was ok until she stopped by wanting to be my friend, I said no because she only stopped over when I was not home, because she delighted in telling me they used to date, because she says he spends hours at her house just talking (my husband got angry and said “that is not true, I don’t go to her house.) The thing that got me was she called me a “fucking asshole, I’ll show you.” I told my husband months later and he said “that’s just her, she calls her mother that. What do you want me to do about it now?” I felt scorned, he didn’t feel bad for what I went through, and he didn’t talk to her about it. They went on being friends. About that time a friend of my husband insinuated he was having an affair with this woman, and that she was complaining I wasn’t letting them hang out. ??????

Yes, I am insecure. Yes, I am jealous! My first husband was a notorious cheater. My father molested me and my siblings repeatedly through my childhood. My grandfather got my mother, and us as children, and my Uncle was also allowed. My trust in men is low. I am conservative one man-one woman, no cosex friends!!!!! My ire rises every time my husband interacts with a woman, I do realize I have an issue.


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