What about ME????? -BB

OK, so I am on my first week of this journey and today I am feeling frustrated. When do I get what I want out of this? It seems like give give give and no return. Yes, I am having a case of “What about me?” What about my husband? He seems happy with going about continuing his behaviors, is he going to eventually see how some of his behaviors hurt me? I go out of my way to make sure he is happy and not to put doubt in his mind and to meet his needs, wants, desires, and surprise him with gifts and nice things and I get to cry in the shower and feel frustrated. I got his Christmas gifts and he told me he refuses to buy me or anyone gifts. I didn’t get a birthday gift. He said it’s because he asked my daughter to help him and she never got back to him, although she did, he must have erased the text by error. I gave him a gift yesterday to help him feel better, and it sits unopened, I feel hurt. He can poke fun at me in front of our grandkids, I would never do this, I know how I feel. He allows his sister to make fun of me, it hurts, he doesn’t say a thing. He forgot our anniversary and valentines day this past year. He can talk to anyone he wants, while I am careful to be steadfastly trustworthy. I am pretty miserable right now.
Yes, I see the “I” “I” “I” above, and boy oh boy I hope doesn’t continue to feel like torture.


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