Dear God It’s ME:3M -BB

Life is a journey and we learn as we go. At some point we have to stop and take a good look at where we are and why.  This is my story and my journey and how God is working through it and weaving all the pieces together for His divine purpose.


So what do I feel needs changing? What strengths do I have? What are the biggest things I need to work on?

My fears: losing people, not being liked or understood, not being noticed for achievements or things I do, rejections, being questioned for things I do or say, I am misunderstood – I have trouble expressing myself, I am too sensitive, I try too hard at being good wife and frustrate myself, expectations – I get upset when it doesn’t go the way I anticipated, forgotten for special days, comparing people and past to present, quick to anger, have trouble expressing anger, anger scares me, too nice to people – even those who hurt me and I do not let them know, have trouble believing I am likeable, do too  much for everyone and forget to do for me, with people would reciprocate and do for me, I chase and need to let Ed chase me, no patience, need to mature, never feel god enough, need to lean on god more, what about me, fear of becoming like mom, chameleon, need security, I want to be protected and cherished, too needy and whiney, do not understand deep love maybe, what is faith,


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